10 Frequently asked Questions

10 Frequently asked questions

1.    What is the staff child ratio?

In our Infant and Toddler program the staff child ratio is 1 to 4, in our 3 to 5 program depending on the time of day can be 1 to 6 or 1 to 7.

2.    What qualifications does your staff have?

Our staff have a range of certifications-  Basic Early childhood Education Certificates, Special Needs Certifications, Infant and Toddler Certifications.  All staff have their current first aid certificates.

3.    Do you supply food?

We only supply afternoon snack.  Families provide a piece of fruit for a sharing snack as well as lunch for their children.

4.    How peanut-proof is the daycare?

We ask that families do not bring nut products in our centre.  This can be difficult to enforce as many products say “may contain nuts”

5.    How much time do the kids get to play outside?

Children go outside a minimum of once a day for at least an hour.  Depending on the weather, we may go out for a second time or simply stay out longer.

6.    Is there a television in the daycare?


7.    What are your disciplinary techniques?

Discipline has always been a work that strikes fear in the hearts of many who really do not understand it use and attributes.  Underlying our philosophy of discipline are two governing concepts: that the purpose of discipline is to teach – not to punish – and that the only kind of discipline worth striving for is self-discipline.  The goal is for children to develop habits of self control, become cooperative (rather than competitive), and be considerate of the feelings of others and to respect the physical environment.  An effort is made to accomplish this in a positive way rather than through criticism.

8.    How do the daycare workers communicate to me about my child’s progress?

An essential part of West Vancouver Child Development Centre involves learning each individual child’s needs, rhythms & styles. Sharing with parents The partnership we create is enhanced when we can provide concrete evidence of their child’s experiences and can present his or her growth & development by using a variety of artifacts. Periodic conferences to talk about the child allow you to compare your perspectives and will ensure optimal opportunities for growth and development. After all, both of you want what is best for him/her.

9.    What programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of programs in our 3 to 5 program:

Preschool program– This is also offered in our Infant and Toddler program

Our preschool program includes theme based stories, songs, science, and art activities; to enrich the young minds of the future.

The design of our centre gives us the ability to separate the children into two groups a younger (young 3’s & 4’s) and an older group (older 4’s & 5’s)

This enables us to create activities that are age appropriate for all of the children in the centre.

We have the ability to use the entire morning to complete our activities at a slower pace since our program is not limited to a two and a half hour session.

Pre – k program

 Our pre – k program is for our older 4’s who will be entering kindergarten in the following September.

This program takes place from 1until 2 in the afternoon during nap time.

We work on the alphabet, numbers, sequencing, listening skills, right & left, etc, basic skills to help the children get a head start for kindergarten.

French Class

A wonderful way to learn a new language Madam Natalie brings the language of French into our world.

This program is based on songs, pictures, mime, movement, games, rhymes and book reading.  Together the children travel on magical trips using French, for example, row a boat to Easter Island, or pretend that we squirrels searching for nuts in the fall.  The use of the imagination and curiosity in the story create intrigue and a fun way to learn a language.

Music Class (This is also offered in our Infant and Toddler program)

Fun and exciting class learning about rhythm and beat, Kerry Burke runs his Lets Make Music!  program.

Percussion drums, singing, world beat, participation, u-play, dance and movement.

Rhythm and Movement Class

Seymour Dance Studio creates a wonderful rhythm and movement class for our 3-5 program.  Bring out your dancing shoes!!!!

Visiting the Grandmas & Grandpas at the Capilano Care Centre

This is when we can  spend some quality time with the grandmas and grandpas.  We go bowling, sing songs, do art activities and share cookies and juice.

10. How does the centre celebrate diversity?

We aim to provide an environment which is free from bias and prejudice in which children learn the principles of fairness and respect for the uniqueness of each person. We involve the community to assist understanding and acceptance of cultures and abilities of members of the local community. Differences in backgrounds, culture and abilities are valued and families are encouraged to share their experiences with all. We will ensure that appropriate inclusion support services are accessed and referred to families in order to support children’s well-being and full inclusion into the program.