Nutrition Tidbits For Families

You love your children. You want the best for them. Show it by creating opportunities for them to make healthy food and physical activity choices.

By establishing healthy habits early in life, children can dramatically reduce their health risks and increase their chances for longer, more productive lives.

Help your child make healthy choices for life—today!

Eat healthy—your children are watching.

About The Dietitian
My name is Dani Renouf, and I have been a dietitian since 2003, a Mom since 2011, and a Mom of twins since 2014. I have worked in many areas of dietetics, but having three children in the span of three years has humbled me greatly in terms of my ideals and practices around nutrition. Even though I study the science and art of food daily, I am not exempt from challenges many parents face when it comes to instilling healthy eating habits in the household. Through Nutrition TidBits for Families, I hope that you will hear the voice of a parent who understands and recognizes that it’s not about following the “perfect” diet, but about normalizing all foods in the home (including treats!), finding creative, practical, and fun ways to prepare foods, and coming together to share a family meal.