Our Daycare


The West Vancouver Child Development Centre Association is a non-profit society guided by a constitutional mandate to offer the best possible child care to our community. This mandate is ensured by the Board of Directors (see details below about the Board).

The Centre is much more than a daycare; we are an early learning centre. We offer a variety of educational activities to challenge the growing needs of children.  Our French, pre-kindergarten, music, gym, storytimes at a local seniors centre and summer fun programs add diversity, enrichment and excitement to the daily life at the Centre. Our preschool program includes stories, songs, and a variety of art-based experiences, free play (indoors and outdoors), and many other opportunities to discover the natural environment.  We visit the beach, explore our neighbourhood on foot and use the transit system.

For overviews of the 3-5 Year Old and Infant and Toddler Programs, see the Our Programs section of this website. 


The West Vancouver Child Development Centre (WVCDC) has existed in many forms since 1954 as a learning facility for young children. Click here for an overview of the long history of this child care facility on the North Shore.


Our incredible staff is our greatest asset. We have 7 full time dedicated staff members, including a Director, Assistant Director, supervisors, and ECE child care educators. All staff members have a wealth of different experiences which they bring to the Centre. Each one has completed or is currently completing a college-accredited program on Early Childhood Education (ECE). All staff also have first aid training.

Our educators are committed to providing the highest quality child care possible.  We believe that all children deserve and have a right to a safe, caring and fun environment in which they can learn and reach their full potential. For a selection of WVCDC staff profiles, click here.


The strategic operation of the WVCDC rests with the Board of Directors, usually made up largely of WVCDC parent volunteers. Having a balanced and engaged group of parents on the Board is vital for the safe and successful operation of our Centre. A well functioning Board helps to maintain our status as a non-profit organization and enables the WVCDC to apply for qualifying government grants that will keep our programs in operation and reduce our fees. If you are interested in finding out more about the Board, including current Board members, please click here.


Click here to view any current job or placement opportunities at the West Vancouver Child Development Centre.