3-5 Year Old Program



Our Preschool Program includes theme-based stories, songs, science, and art activities to enrich the young minds of the future. The design of our centre gives us the ability to separate the children into two groups: a younger one (of young 3 and 4 year olds) and an older group (of older 4 and 5 year olds). This enables us to create activities that are engaging and age appropriate for all of the children in the Centre.

As a preschool within a daycare, we also have the ability to use the entire morning to complete our activities at a slower pace since our program is not limited to the typical two and a half hour session.

For a day in the life of a preschooler at the WVCDC, click here: 3-5 Year Old Schedule 


Our Pre–K Program is for our older 4’s who will be entering kindergarten in the following September. This program takes place from 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon during naptime. We work on the alphabet, numbers, sequencing, listening skills, right and left, and other basic skills to help the children get a head start for kindergarten.


Facilitated by instructor Madam Natalie, this class brings the French language and culture into our world and is a wonderful introduction to learning another language. This program is based on songs, pictures, mime, movement, games, rhymes and book reading.  Together the children travel on fantastic trips using French, for example, to row a boat to Easter Island, or pretend that they are squirrels searching for nuts in the fall.  The use of the imagination and curiosity in their journeys inspire inquiry, discovery and a fun way to learn language.


This fun and entertaining class is led Kerry Burke as part of his successful “Let’s Make Music!” program. It involves learning about rhythm and beat, and includes a variety of experiences  as percussion drums, singing, world beat, group participation, “u-play,” dance and movement.


Seymour Dance Studio, runs this wonderfully creative rhythm and movement class for our 3-5 Year Old Program.  Bring out your dancing shoes and get into the groove!


Pasta, pizza, sushi and more are offered are options for parents to order for our weekly hot lunch program on Tuesday (excluding the summer months). For a sample menu, please see Parent News postings.


This program takes place through the Capilano Care Centre.  It is a great opportunity for the children to spend quality time with seniors and build those magical connections that can only happen between the young and old.  We go bowling, sing songs, play with cuddles the bunny, enjoy time in the sensory room, do art activities and share cookies and juice.


During our Summer Fun Program, children of various ages travel many miles, exploring our beautiful city.  We have been to New Westminster Quay, Dundarave beach, Bowen Island and many points in between.